Date of last revision: December 1st, 2015

Terms of Service

There are two major keys to enjoy this app…
… First of all, you gotta stay relax.
Secondly, just take a look at the following Terms of Service.

Technical terms

In this Terms of Service page, you will encounter multiple technical terms specific to Eezyo.
Before going any further, you are advised to carefully read the following:

Elementary rule

To ensure children protection, you must be at least 13 (thirteen) years old to create an Eezyo account and use the application.
If you are older than 80 years old, you are either using your grandson/daughter's smartphone or you just time traveled. Anyway, welcome aboard!


What you provide us

When you create an Eezyo account, we collect the following information about you:

We use these data to ensure your identification (username and password) and contact you (email address or phone number). Once logged, you will be able to provide us your firstname, lastname, the place you live and a short description of yourself (bio).
Except for your password, your email address and your phone number, all these data previously mentioned will be visible by your friends in your profile page.

Be assured, neither your email address, nor your phone number, nor your password will be disclosed in any way.
Moreover, these facultative data will not be visible in searches by other users (they will be able to see your username and profile picture exclusively).


You will enjoy Eezyo by sending and receiving different kind of medias (picture, video, audio message or text message). To allow you to have access to these medias - through the app - at anytime and anywhere, we store all these contents into our databases. These medias will be visible by no one but the the requester and the recipient, and will not be disclosed to someone else.
In other terms, it's impossible for someone who is not involved into a request to see the content you send and/or receive.
Most important part, because we really care about your privacy, the Eezyo Team and partners will not infringe your privacy by looking at your personal profile or the medias you sent.

Abusive content

If you witness an abusive content or a prohibited behaviour (see below), concerning a media or an user, you are highly invited to report it by using the application intended features.
We also provide you a "Bug Report" feature to signal any technical problem, abusive content or application bug (any helpful involvement will be always appreciated).

Prohibited Activities

By using our Services, you agree that you will not:


After opening an Eezyo account, you endorse all responsibilities for any activity that might occur with your account, regardless of the physical person who is using it (it might be you or someone else).
You are also responsible to keep your password secure and safe. That means you will not provide, reveal or share your password to someone or some entity (including Eezyo); you will not log into unauthorized third-party applications that could possibly steal your password and then compromise your account safety.

Safety disclaimer

Eezyo supplies four kinds of requests (picture, video, audio and text) by default. In addition, we also provide "Trending requests" to diversify our content.
Whatever the request is about (taking picture, recording video/audio or writing text), you are fully responsible of the way you reply to your friends, and completely aware of the area/country's applicable law where you are using Eezyo (i.e: do not text and drive).
If a request invites you to behave in a detrimental way for you and/or the people around you, do not act this way and please ignore the request.
Eezyo Team will do the best to ensure the complete safety of trending requests.
In a general way, act responsibly while replying to a friend and be sure you are not violating these Terms of Service.


Let us conclude with the most important part:
Eezyo was created by passionate and open-minded people, whose main goal was to find a new way to allow people to share moments with their friends.
We strongly hope that you will be part of this journey with us, as humbly as we can, we try to bring you the best.

Live life to the full, and remember: don't wait anymore, just ask!

The Eezyo Team